Project 01: Origin

We are excited to share our progress and design prototypes as we work to develop Origin, an electric motorcycle combining sporty style with modern futuristic design. As we develop Origin, we are educating ourselves on the process of building a long-range electric motorcycle, the components needed for maximum efficiency, and the required skills and tools need for success. Our ultimate goal is to show people that electric motorcycles can reach top speeds, can look beautiful, and can be just as reliable as your traditional gas-guzzling motorcycle. We will provide continuous updates on the development progress of Origin through our Instagram page @paladinmotor

Project 02: Luke

Sleek. Sophisticated. Stylish. Luke embodies all of these characteristics with edgy design, state-of-the art innovative technology, and superior comfort, all combined to offer the best electric bicycle experience on the market. Designed for daily commuters who are burdened by expensive commuting costs and traffic delays, the battery is capable of a 50km range per charge. And with a maximum speed of 35km/h, with a comfortable seat and riding position, you’ll wonder what took you so long to give up that car for good.

Sleek and trendy, yet environmentally friendly and cost-effective, this electric bike is the perfect solution to combat rising fuel costs, and to help solve one of the most pressing problems society currently faces – climate change. By taking the step to make Luke a part of your daily life, you are making the smartest choice, both for yourself and the environment. Join Paladin in our commitment to making the world a better place for everyone, one impactful step at a time.

Luke has been specifically designed to offer the highest level of reliable durability, functionality, and sustainability. From work to weekend, this electric bike will have you buzzing around town – all while creating buzz of your own when your friends see you riding the bike of the future.

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