Controller Settings on SW900 LCD Display

LCD Display

Thumb Keys

Switching the system On/Off
Press [M] for a few seconds until the LCD Display turned On/Off
Info Mode
  • Switch Trip to ODO – Press [M]
  • PAS (Pedal Assist) level up – Press [Up]
  • PAS (Pedal Assist) level down – Press [Down]
  • Switch cruise mode – Press and hold [Down] for 1.5 seconds
Edit Mode
  • Increase Config ID – Press [M]
  • Increase Value – Press [Up]
  • Decrease Value – Press [Down]
Switching between info/edit mode
Press and hold [Up] + [Down] for 5 seconds  


P01 Back light Brightness
1-3, Higher is brighter
P02 Measurement of unit
0: Km 1: Mile
P03 Battery Voltage
Sets the battery voltage, this should match the output of your battery. Luke is using 48v battery.
P04 Sleep Timer
1-60 (minutes), 0: disables sleep timer Automatically sets the system to sleep after a given time of inactivity.
P05 PAS (Pedal Assist) Levels
0: 3 Levels 1: 5 Levels 2: 9 Levels
P06 Wheel Size
Diameter of bicycle wheel in Inch. Correct wheel size is required for accurate measurement of speed and distance. Luke is using 20 inch wheel set
P07 Magnet number
Sets the magnet number for speed measurement. This should stay at the default factory setting for accurate measurement. default is 46.
P08 Speed Limit
0 – 99 (Km/h), 100 for no speed limit.
P09 Throttle Response
0: instant 1: delayed
P10 Drive Mode
0: PAS only 1: Throttle only 2: PAS + Throttle
P11 PAS Sensitivity
1-24, Higher: more sensitive Determine how sensitive PAS to pedal movement.
P12 PAS Start Strength
0-5, Higher: more assistance Determine the amount of assistance given when you start pedalling.
P13 PAS Magnet Type
5,8,12. Determined by magnets on PAS ring.
P14 Controller Current Limit
1-50 amps. Sets the Current limit of your controller. Luke is set to 25 amps, you can increase this to get more power, but it will also increase your battery usage too.
P15 unused
This parameter is unused.
P16 Reset Odometer (ODO)
Hold [Up] for 5 seconds to reset ODO to zero.    

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