Bicycle equipped with exhilarating speed booster powered by clean sustainable energy

Instant speed boost come out of 1500 Watt electric motor can go up to 50km/h

920 watt hour of clean sustainable energy is stored in lithium-ion batteries can last as long as 50km

Built for easy handling and comfortable riding position for daily use

Explore, Commute, Hangout, Luke

Don’t let your adventurous spirit be limited by tight spaces or distance, Luke goes wherever you want to. whether you are exploring the world, commuting for work, or hanging out with friends, Luke is all you need. Go to places without leaving carbon footprint. 

Go faster with less sweat, Go further with less effort

Use pedal assist or the throttle to activate the speed booster


Exercise and burn extra calories

Deactivate pedal assist or shut off the motor entirely and pedal like a regular bicycle


Top Speed 50 km/h

Range/Charge 50 km

Max Power 1500 Watt

Battery Capacity 920 wH | 48v 19.2 ah

Charge Time 0-80%: 6 hours | 80-100%: 4 hours

Gearing Single

Brakes 6 inch hydraulics disc brakes

Engagement Pedal assist, Throttle

Wheels 20 inch rims with 4 inch fat tire

Frame Steel

Speedometer Digital LCD Display


Hobby Motor

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