Invest in The Future of Daily Transportation With Our Modern Commuter eBike Capable of 50km range per charge, Luke will take you the places you need to go with sustainable efficiency.

Featuring powerful speed in a sleek package, Luke has 1500W of power and can cruise at 50km/h.

Need to maximize your range for a longer commuter distance?
When using only the throttle to accelerate, the long-lasting battery is capable of 50km range per charge.

Ride to the office not only in modern style, but in comfort. Luke’s innovative seat has been specially designed for luxurious comfort and optimal riding position for your daily commute.

Sweat or no sweat? You choose!

Offering the ultimate in flexibility, our eBike allows you to choose how hard you want to work on any given day.

Want a little extra? You can disable the pedal assist system so the motor will shut off.

Running late for a meeting? Use that throttle to accelerate and you’ll be there in no time!


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